Catharines, while High Tide on Monday announced its intention

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Hermes Replica 26 to raise any concerns about the proposed location of Central Cannabis to the the only point at which replica hermes birkin 30cm they have any input into the process of the locations, replica hermes sunglasses said lawyer Trina Fraser, who advises the cannabis industry.But the 15 day period to raise objections isn time for the public to air grievances about the best replica hermes birkin bags cannabis retailers, Fraser said, noting only legitimate concerns about the proposed locations will be considered.nobody files an opposition, I think it pretty much a done deal that these locations will get approved, she said of the seven applications that have been filed so far.The locations of just two other lottery winners in the west region are known. The Niagara Herbalist has applied to open a store in St. Catharines, while High Tide on Monday announced its intention to open one in Hamilton.High Tide, a replica hermes birkin 35 cannabis accessories and lifestyle brand, says it has partnered with one of the lottery winners it didn say which one to open the retail outlet.A Hamilton based cannabis consultant previously told Postmedia that at least four of the seven lottery winner planned to set up shop in Hamilton.. replica hermes sandals Hermes Replica

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