I need English I understand sewing

WHILE fashion can be fickle, it’s become one Canada Goose sale of the most cheap Canada Goose faithful outlets for Afghan refugee Karima Aqel.

Since arriving in Australia last year, Karima has found solace working as a trainee for No Sweat Fashions, a not for profit Canberra social enterprise that helps refugees and canada goose coats on sale migrants break away canada goose outlet in usa from barriers they often face, such as difficulty finding employment and social isolation.

“I want working, but I not understand. I need English I understand sewing,” Karima says, as a handful of women around her busily sew, cut and measure fabrics.

Founded by local business leader Cindy Mitchell in 2011 and held at Kaleen’s University of Canberra High School, No Sweat Fashions provides canada goose outlet training and employment for migrants and refugees as sample makers, tailors and machinists, aiming to educate them about canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet uk their legal working rights in Australia.

“In https://www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de spite of all of the protections of our democracy, ‘sweatshop’ work practices still exist in the garment industry in Canada Goose Outlet Australia,” says Cindy. “These businesses are most likely to hire individuals from non English speaking backgrounds. When our trainees ‘graduate’ we expect it to be with the knowledge of their canada goose outlet sale legal rights at work and the confidence to demand them.”

Following the success of the program’s trial in August, the Canberra Institute of Technology joined with No Sweat Fashions to offer a Certificate III in clothing production.

Those taking part in the collective train twice a week on a volunteer basis, primarily because of the program’s lack of funds.

It is hoped graduates can then go on to either canada goose uk outlet find work in the fashion industry or work on a contractual basis for No Sweat Fashions.

Creative director of the program, Penina Huho, says canada goose outlet nyc 13 women predominantly from Burma, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are in canada goose outlet shop training, and many are already equipped with sewing skills.

“We have somebody who has done work with [Australian fashion designer] Akira, while others have fashion canada goose outlet backgrounds goose outlet canada in an informal way, such as canada goose jacket outlet making clothes and repairing things in refugee camps,” Penina says.

Trainees are currently making scarves and bags, and will gradually move on to clothing.

“We are hoping to get them at the same skill level and eventually canada goose outlet store take on production work canada goose outlet store uk with local designers,” Penina says.

Garments will be sold online and stocked by canada goose black friday sale local retailers, with 100 per cent of the profits returned to No Sweat Fashions.

Penina says the work experience has been invaluable for the women and she has seen a “huge change” in their confidence.

“It’s been good in several aspects, not just in learning and developing their skills, but the idea of being connected, and creating a new community not just around their ethnicity, but uk canada goose outlet with people who have similar interests,” she says.

“Because we have a focus on industry and trying to help them become financially independent, they are able to develop themselves in a workplace environment that is community centred. And that’s something they’ve really enjoyed.”

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