In ep 3 it obviously hinted at that the emperor and anakin had

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canada goose uk black friday I canada goose clearance always saw his attitude as being partly due to the emperor blowing smoke up his ass. In ep 3 it obviously hinted at that the emperor and anakin had spent quite a substantial amount of time together, so it always felt to me like canada goose outlet in usa the emperor filled anakin need for a father figure and kept telling anakin “you the chosen you DESERVE to be granted the rank of master.” which kind of coincides with what the council and qui gon told anakin. Then, anakin “father” attempts to precipitate this goal, in anakin cheap canada goose jackets china eyes, by requesting to have anakin on the council, so by the point of the scene where he denied the rank of master his anger was meant to show his behavior changing because of the manipulation of palpatine. canada goose uk black friday

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