SNP Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and ConnectivityFergus

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canada goose clearance SNP MSP forNa h Eileanan an Iar,Alasdair Allan, has demanded the UK government protect Scottish produce, such as Stornoway Black Pudding, by upholding the Protected Food Name schemein future trade deals.This comes in canada goose outlet in usa response to the UK Government’s omission of Scottish products from the EU Canada trade deal and of key Scottish Protected Food Names in EU trade deals with Japan and Mexico.SNP Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and ConnectivityFergus Ewing has also written to the UK environment, food and rural affairs minister Michael Gove to seek assurances around the protection of UK food names in EU trade deals, without which producers could be commercially disadvantaged.Commenting, Dr Allan said throughout the Brexit process, the UK Government had repeatedly failed to stand up for Scotland’s the Western Isles, we produce food and drink brands which are consumed across the world. The approach from the Tories must change, and they must recognise the importance of the food and drink industry in Scotland and the reach across the globe these iconic brands gives places like the Western Isles, he said.EU Protected Food Name scheme has safeguarded products from our islands such as Stornoway Black Pudding, Scotch lamb and Scottish farmed salmon from cheap knock offs, but Michael Gove seems all too willing to discard this protection away from Scottish producers and open the floodgates to cheaper products appearing on our supermarket shelves from overseas.cannot gamble with Scotland’s 14 billion food and drink sector, whereprovenance ofproductis paramount, and allow cheaper imitations to undercutour first class, wholesome produce.UK government must meaningfully engage with the devolved canada goose bomber uk governments to ensure their interests are protected. We cannot let Westminster’s cheap canada goose womens jackets Brexit shambles leave Scottish producers high and dry in the global trading marketplace canada goose clearance.

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