Sometimes it tough to have no friends

The SMU Mustangs are led by veteran coach Larry Brown, and are clearly the favorite to the win the NIT. They are joined by Minnesota, St. Johns, and Florida State as teams from major conferences that each have a chance at winning the NIT. So if I need them to do something, they just do it without complaint because this isn their area of expertise. Though they grasp concepts really quickly. I try to leave them with the tools to help themselves.

We hear you!Re: “Lessons in Boris Johnson’s positive message,” Editorial, Dec. 15. It is as much a part of one’s identity as being male or female, black or white. Sometimes it tough to have no friends, I work in a competitive field where everyone I work with has kids older than me so it not like I going to happy hour with them you know? Not like I could go anyways, not even 21. Right now my best friend is my dog, he pretty chill so it alright. For now..

At Lynx shootaround afterward, Lindsay Whalen at age 36 tied with Rebekkah Brunson as the oldest player on the roster cut Plum some slack. She called Plum, the No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft, one of “the up and coming guards” in the WNBA and noted that Plum probably “didn’t mean it like she said it.”.

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This carries over to the terminology we use. When people talk about a favorable balance of trade, what is that term taken to mean? It’s taken to mean that we export more than we import. But from the point of view of our well being, that’s an unfavorable balance.

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Brian Dawkins, in case you haven heard, is leaving professional football. When the former Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos safety decided to announce his retirement this morning (April 23rd), he did so in an increasingly conventional manner: He posted to Twitter. This may not be the sort of official statement that his fans would have liked, but at least they got to hear it from the man himself.

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