This not only lets you mirror your screen on a TV wirelessly

Living in the Emerald Triangle CountryI had heard about Alderpoint, California the main focus of Netflix’s “Murder Mountain.” (If you are at all interested in the details of this industry and region of the world, you should certainly watch the series. It is well filmed, well interviewed, well constructed, and the plot is ultimately satisfying, that is, it hits at the major points.)Alderpoint, California, is just one such region where a lot of killings occurred. In fact, back when my parents were in their early 20s, they used to camp and swim at Alderpoint the time when James and Suzan Carson made the news for their “psychopathic serial killings.” Since, “Murder Mountain” reveals several other tragic homicides, including the petty killing of Garrett Rodriguez of Ocean Beach, Southern California.

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The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, which lets you and a limited number of guests relax in one of over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. Most such lounges are equipped with some variety of food and drink, which can save you a few bucks and the hassle of waiting in line at general airport vendors. At the very least, you can recharge your phone (and yourself) in relative peace..

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For most of the decade before 2015, Baltimore’s annual homicide arrest rate hovered at about 40 percent. Since 2015, the arrest rate hasn’t topped 30 percent in any year. And while most cities saw their arrest rates drop gradually, Baltimore’s decline was sudden plummeting 15 percentage points in 2015, after Gray’s death, the largest single year drop for any city already solving less than half its homicides..

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