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Step 1: Cut 8 cords 6 yards each and 2 cords 1 yard each.

Step 2: Use a 1 yard cord to completely cover the 2 welded ring with continuous buy canada goose jacket Larkshead Knots (or half hitches).

Step 3: Fold the 6 yard cords in half through the covered ring and use a 1 yard cord canada goose factory outlet to tie a 1 1/2 Wrap Knot over all cords, hiding the ends from Step 2. (I use a push tool to hide the cut cord ends after tying the wrap knot. See photo.)

Step 4: Divide the cords into 4 groups of 4 cords each and tie 2 of canada goose outlet in usa Canada Goose Online Crown Knots. Pull each cord tight and smooth. (Tip: Put your work between your knees.) Go here for additional instructions on how to make Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet uk sale crown knots. However, they did give me a phone number to call and I was able to order cord from that place. I don know the number now,but Mary Maxim may still have it. I did not have canada goose outlet sale access to the internet at that time, but I would guess they are available online now. Just so you know, I have not found canada goose outlet any Hobby Lobby store that carries cord or beads, but I am seeing several places as I surf the net. Good luck, Mary Ellen

Great directions Donna!! I have been macram ing for many years but have never made a plant hanger. I just stumbled across the following website:100 yd canada goose uk outlet skein of 6mm braided cording is $7.59 and they have TONS of colors.

A quick google search for cording will turn up a lot of results.

[ How to Macrame a Plant Hanger (via This Year Dozen) Amazing macrame pattern! Thanks to Donna! FINISHED LENGTH: approx 4 1/2 ft, from top of ring to bottom tail. Will hold up to a 9 diameter basket, container or bowl. MATERIALS USED: 50 yards gray 6mm braided macrame cord 1 2 welded ring (treated, not raw metal) 4 large hole gray marbella canada goose outlet online beads 16 smaller gray marbella beads for tail cords DIRECTIONS These are strong and secure. canada goose outlet new york city I goose outlet canada continued past the point where the wires attached to the rim of the pot uk canada goose to gather the colorful ends under the pot, providing the illusion that the string actually supported the pot. My rope plant hung 4 feet from a simple 6 inch pot, and was the centerpiece in my bow window. That was many years ago. I now see that the cotton string I used is available at Ace Hardware, sold as Parcel Post Twine. tensile strength. Happy knotting!

Hi everyone I from Georgia and for the past two days I been trying to find a book that shows you all the basic knots, what kind of twine to use and how to get it as long or short as i want it canada goose outlet canada to official canada goose outlet be (etc). I been online, to all the local Libraries, and Thrift stores with no luck, With that being said my question is would your book give me all the info I looking for? I have lots of house plants and would love to hang some with my own creations. Right now I learning to put holes in different kinds of glass pot in the colors and shapes I buy canada goose jacket cheap like. Any all suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey! I’m in canada goose coats the process of making this planter first macrame ever and it’s going well so far. I do love your instructions and especially the pictures and links to more instructions. You are awesome! I did have one question so far. After the crown knots you say to make 9″ of square knots (sennit, I guess). If I just make plain square knots sequentially, don’t I end up with a lot of extra core cord? Since I’m always using the two outside cords for the knots? Hope the questions not too silly. Also, I noticed a lot of inquiries about where to get rope cord twine etc for this. I know Michaels has cord due to a recent trend that my kids got into of making braided or knotted bracelets and it seems to be the same thing. I actually recommend trying a hardware store. canada goose outlet store I went to Home Depot and just bought a couple rolls of jute twine (cheap!) and plain cotton twine because that’s just the look I wanted. BUT, they had a pretty impressive selection of synthetic cords in different colors and gauges, so it’s definitely worth canada goose outlet online uk trying canada goose uk black friday there. Thanks again for the great plan.

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