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Christmas in New York City: What’s not to miss?

We, a family of four with cheap Canada Goose two adult cheap canada goose children from New Zealand, are spending two weeks around Christmas and New York in New canada goose outlet York City. What is not to be missed, and indeed to be avoided, from a Christmas point of view? We like food, music classical and jazz and museums. Any thoughts on where to have Christmas Eve or Christmas Day lunch? Canada Goose Coats On Sale We have some pretty strong family traditions (mainly Hungarian) at this time of the year but these are normally based around our home. It will be exciting to try something new. We will be staying in Williamsburg if that helps. All suggestions welcome.

Crackers are a christmas tradition in my family, we all like the bad hats and bad jokes but I always hate the silly cheap toys, especially because every year some child gets excited by their cracker present and then dissapointed when they try and play with it and work out it is rubbish.(sometimes this child is 29yr old me) Can Mefi reccomend some christmas crackers with fun, well made gifts canada goose outlet in usa inside?

posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory

on Dec 2, 2016

If I can’t get the canada goose uk outlet shoes, how about a nice um ber ella?

For Christmas my wife is interested in a pair of the upcoming Puma by Rihanna velvet creepers. I know that the previous releases in this line have sold out in hours. Now that it has been named Shoe of the Year and this release is dropping in primo holiday shopping season (December 8th) I assume this new set will be even harder to get. My questions are (1) How can I canada goose outlet shop increase my chances of snagging a pair of these shoes online as part of the official sale? and (2) If strategy (1) fails, are there canada goose outlet jackets sneakerhead resellers where I can canada goose factory sale buy a pair after the fact for not too much of a premium on the purchase price? [more inside]

posted by Rock Steady

on Nov 30, 2016

Four people in a cottage for Christmas. How to do food?

Four people going away for Xmas to a beautiful but remote cottage. How do I approach planning, cooking and canada goose coats on sale splitting food bills?

I like cooking, lists and being ORGANISED!! but three of us like to cook, so I don’t want to trample over everyone else and get exhausted cooking. I also don’t want it to be a mess or end up canada goose clearance sale with not enough.

Has anyone else here dealt with a similar group holiday meal/food planning situation? [more inside]on Nov 28, 2016

Things to do on Christmas day in San Francisco

So my original Christmas day plans fell through, and I live 5000 miles from most of my family. I do have a canada goose outlet store uk brother who recently moved to San Jose, though, and we’d like to spend the day doing something together. We’re both wary of bringing each other to friends houses (we’re different kinds of people, move in different circles, etc) so we’d like to try and find something fun and novel that we canada goose outlet nyc can go and do, just the 2 of us (though if it were something social in the sense that we may meet a bunch of strangers doing this thing, then that would be cool).

We’re also British. I don’t know if canada goose outlet uk this information will help you, but hey, there you have it. 2 British guys in San Francisco with no idea what to do on Xmas day. Hive mind, halp!

posted by canada goose outlet store TheTorns

on Dec 24, 2013

Where to buy an advent calendar in Germany?

I will be in Germany soon, and would canada goose outlet canada like to buy a wooden advent calendar for my canada goose outlet reviews daughter to use for years. Once I was in Germany around this time of year, and a department store had loads of disposable ones with chocolates behind little paper/cardboard doors. But canada goose black friday sale what kind of store would have nicer, more permanent ones? Bonus points for specific store recommendations in Mainz (or the Frankfurt airport). I know I can probably buy one online, but I’d like to buy it on my trip.

posted by kestrel251

on Oct 29, 2013 I’m interested in passing Christmas (24/25 December) somewhere that does not celebrate Christmas at that time. The shops and monuments should be open, the people should be doing their thing, and life should be going on more or less as normal. For a number of reasons, I’m particularly interested in doing this in a place that celebrates the Orthodox Christmas (6/7 January). Have any of you spent the holiday season in such a country? Which one? What was going on during the 24/25 Dec? Would you recommend visiting? I’m also curious to hear about your New Year’s experiences in those canada goose outlet toronto factory places, Canada Goose Online but it is less important. (If you have a really awesome idea in another region I’ll hear you out for the sake of others who may have a similar question.).

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