The truth is that every Democratic reign reduced unemployment

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canada goose coats No, really, they had to dream about it. That’s because, other than the late 1990s, we’ve never seen the confluence of so much positive economic news like we are now. canada goose parka outlet Unemployment, after all, canada goose outlet store uk has just fallen to an almost 50 year low of 3.7 percent, and wages are still rising at a more respectable rate of 2.8 percent but despite all that, prices have only gone up a restrained 2.3 percent the past year.. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose sale On Thursday (6/10) Fox and Friends used a misleading chart of unemployment averages over the past six decades to make unfavorable comparisons between President Obama and previous presidents. Not only did they massage the statistics to get their desired results, they compared a mere year and a half of Obama’s presidency which inherited already rising unemployment and canada goose outlet price an economic meltdown from Bush 43 to the canada goose outlet in uk full presidencies of his predecessors. The truth is that every Democratic reign reduced unemployment and every Republican reign except Reagan/Bush 41 (but not by much) increased it during their time in office. Canada Goose sale

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